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It is often the case that the stories which stick with us have no clear beginning or end. We enter the story at a random point in time. Our imaginations and emotions attach us to the meaning we desire for ourselves. For Peter, objects tell such meaningful stories…


We enter Peter’s story in 2008 in a hotel in Paris. The bartender had given him a tip that a leather worker would be there that evening. By the end of the night they made a plan for a week-long summer course. After his first lesson Peter knew this would be his future. Perfecting the art of leather craft became his obsession.

"The craftsman naturally belongs to a community"

Sharing his passion of the craft is an intrinsic part of Peter’s work. As a teacher he has become a part of many other journeys.

Customers who order bespoke bags are the essential element in the process – narratives are intertwined. Every layer tells a story in the creation of an object. Each piece is constructed using the finest materials and the highest level of craftsmanship. 


Choosing Peter Nitz connects you to a considered journey, an ethos about luxury, an object alive with meaning. Each piece is a part of the story of Peter Nitz.

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