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About Peter Nitz

Peter's story is one with no clear beginning or end. His fateful encounter with leatherworking has become an enduring facet of his being. As our imaginations and emotions bind us to the meaning we desire for ourselves, he believes his purpose as a leather craftsman is the culmination of many unique events from the past—events that will also guide him in the future.


But, as every story needs to start somewhere, we enter Peter's at a random point in time. 


In a hotel in Paris in 2008, a bartender told Peter that a leatherworker would be there that evening. They met, and by the end of the night, the two made plans for a week-long summer course. After his first lesson, Peter knew this would be his future. Perfecting the art of leathercraft became his obsession.

Craftsman. Teacher. Creator. 


Sharing his passion for the craft is an intrinsic part of Peter’s work. As a leather teacher, he has become a part of many other unique journeys towards artistic perfection. As a craftsman of bespoke leather bags, he has become part of his customers' aesthetic aspirations. For all, the narratives have intertwined in an experience beyond the tangible. 


Every layer tells the story of the object’s creation. Every constructed piece speaks of tireless passion and dedication. Every chosen material and hand-stitched loop represents a lifetime of experiences.


Choosing Peter Nitz connects you to a considered journey, an ethos about luxury and an object alive with meaning. Each bespoke leather good is part of Peter’s story and yours.

"The craftsman naturally belongs to a community"

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