Terms and Conditions

§1 General
Peter Nitz GmbH, Spiegelgasse 29, 8001 Zürich, info@peternitz.com (hereinafter called "peternitz.com" or "we") runs an online shop under the internet address www.peternitz.com (hereinafter called "Website"). All orders placed by you via the website and our deliveries and services are exclusively subject to the following general terms and conditions (hereinafter called "Terms of Use"), in the version that is valid at the time of the order. We do not accept conflicting terms and conditions of the customer unless we have agreed to their validity in writing.

By using the Site, or by clicking the “I agree” checkbox, you hereby confirm that you understand the Terms of Use and accept and agree to be legally bound by them, whether or not you are a registered member of the Website. If any of the Terms of Use is unacceptable to you, do not use the Website.

§2 Conclusion of Contract
1. A contract between you and peternitz.com shall come into effect upon purchase/shipment of the merchandise that has been ordered by you. By submitting the ordering form provided on the Website, you make a binding offer to us to conclude the contract. Your order has been placed once you have entered all the information that is required for the ordering process, and subsequently sent us the ordering form by clicking “submit order”.
2. peternitz.com shall be entitled to reject an order placed by you without stating any reasons. This shall apply particularly in those cases, where there are well-founded suspicions that the ordered articles are to be sold to third parties on a commercial basis.

§3 Important Notes
1. The articles offered on peternitz.com are presented as digital photographs depicting the existing merchandise. Slight differences between the photographs as well as information provided on the Website and reality do not constitute a defect of the ordered merchandise and do not qualify for any contractual or non-contractual claims of any kind.

2. Please note that the articles presented on peternitz.com may no longer be available at the time of the customer’s visit to our Website, and the respective prices might have changed. All prices are listed in Swiss Francs (CHF) incl. current VAT and excluding shipping costs.

3. peternitz.com is entitled to perform partial deliveries.
Use of the tutorial videos and content—permissions and restrictions.
You may only make noncommercial uses of the Website and it’s content. You may purchase the tutorial videos for your own personal use only. Unless specifically permitted, you may not retransmit, publish, distribute, display or otherwise make available any of the tutorial videos or other content to others.

You may stream each purchased tutorial; however, use of the tutorial is restricted to only one individual for such individual's personal use and may not be downloaded. Any other uses of the tutorials will require explicit permission from Peter Nitz GmbH. Tutorial materials may not be distributed to any other individual or provided to a third party in either modified or unmodified form. You may not use the tutorials to teach or create your own training, regardless of whether such training is for internal or external use.

Without limitation, you are prohibited from:
a. transferring any right, title or interest in the license to the tutorials;
b. copying, extracting, summarizing, distributing or teaching the tutorial content;
c. using the tutorials to make any reports or data compilations to be sold, loaned or distributed to a third party;
d. distributing the tutorials to any third party in modified or unmodified form;
e. using the tutorials for the benefit of a third party in exchange for compensation; or
f. allowing any party other than yourself to use or otherwise access the tutorials.
Peternitz.com explicitly reserves the right to take any action against such behavior.

§4 Leather
A living material, leather evolves, becomes supple and acquires a patina over time with careful use. Regardless of the color and finish of each leather, peternitz.comz standards require the natural features of the leather - fine lines, veins and pores - to show through. This is known as "transparency". The more "transparent" a leather is, the more it improves with time. Leather can, however, be irreparably damaged in particular by:
-prolonged sun exposure, which will alter the color:
-alcohol (perfumes), oily products (lipstick), ink (felt and ball point), which will leave permanent marks.
-exposure to excessive amounts of water.

Each leather is the result of a specific procedures and each article is crafted in a unique way. The best way to care for your leather accessories is to wipe them with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth, store them upright - in their dust bag - away from light and heat when they are not being used.

§5 Prices & Payment Conditions
1. Prices displayed include actual Swiss VAT at the time of purchase.
2. Payment is due upon order. You may pay your order at peternitz.com by paypal or credit card (VISA or MasterCard). Punctual limitations of payment conditions are reserved. Please note that you will have to bear any possible foreign bank charges.

§6 Delivery and Shipment
1. Worldwide shipping is exclusively provided via Swiss Post or Fed-Ex. You bear the risk of transportation including deterioration or lost of the merchandise during transportation.
2. The merchandise will be ready for shipment after your payment has been received and can take up to six months when it is a custom order. Binding delivery dates need to be agreed on explicitly with peternitz.com.
3. The cost for return shipments, due to impossible delivery (incorrect or incomplete address, rejection, absence, etc.) are your responsibility.
4. Shipments outside of Switzerland:
4.1 Shipments outside of Switzerland will be calculated without VAT.
4.2 Shipments outside of Switzerland will be subject to duties and taxes, which will be invoiced separately to you. Customs duties, sales tax on imports as well as handling costs will not be refunded in case of a return.

§7 Retention of Title
Peternitz.com reserves the right to retain title and ownership of any and all articles supplied until such time as full payment has been received.

§8 Right to Return
You may return standard merchandise that you have received without indicating any reasons within two weeks (14 days) by sending the merchandise back. The bag must be sent back in original packaging, stuffed with tissue and including all tags and dust bag. Custom orders are not eligible for return unless there is a significant difference in what was ordered.

The time limit starts running after you have received instruction about the right to return in writing (eg. in a letter, fax or e-mail), but not before you have received the goods. Return shipments will be at our cost and risk. You need to address the return shipment or the request to Peter Nitz GmbH, Spiegelgasse 29, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland. Consequences of Return in case of a valid return are to return the mutually received benefits and eventually drawn profits (e.g. profits drawn from the use of the merchandise) are to be returned. In case that the merchandise has deteriorated, a compensation regarding the value may be claimed. This does not apply in case where the deterioration of the merchandise exclusively results from its inspection as it would have been possible for you in a shop. You also can avoid the obligation to compensate the value by not using the merchandise as if you owned it and by refraining from acts that might affect its value.

Please note that we can only accept returns from the country which the shipment was sent to. If the shipment was sent to Austria, for instance, we can only accept a return from Austria. The costs of your order will be charged to the credit card or bank account you registered for your order. In case of a return, your relevant card or bank account will be credited. However, any losses that are caused by currency fluctuations will not be refunded. If you have any queries considering your return rights, please contact our customer care team: email: service@peternitz.com Sale items cannot be exchanged or returned.

§ 9 Customer Queries on Orders and/or Complaints
If you have any queries on orders and/or complaints, please contact our customer care team: email: service@peternitz.com

§ 10 Warranty
The statutory law of warranty shall apply. You have the right, in case of a significant flaw, to request a substitute, to withdraw from the contract or in accord with us request a partial refund. You are obliged to inform us about any flaw within three days of delivery.

Further requests, no matter the reasons, are barred. We are not responsible for any damages, which are not occurring on the merchandise itself. Especially not for the loss of profits or any other financial loss. All further breach of duties we are only responsible in case of deliberate intention or gross negligence, as legally possible.

§ 11 Privacy
1. We take privacy very seriously. All customer data are saved and processed by peternitz.com solely in accordance with the relevant data protection laws. In particular, personal data are being collected, saved, and used exclusively for the purpose of processing the order or with your explicit consent. Furthermore, addresses and ordering data are collected, processed and used for internal marketing purposes. We do not store personal data longer than is absolutely required.
2. In case you would prefer your personal data not to be used, processed, and transmitted for marketing purposes, simply inform us by post, fax or email at info@peternitz.com. Please be aware, however, that this does not apply to the data that are necessary to process your order. Upon receipt of your notice, we will only use, process and transmit your data in order to process the latter. In addition, your information will not be used for advertising actions.
3. We do not forward personal data to third parties except with regard to subcontractors of peternitz.com that require the transfer of data to process the order. In these cases, however, the scope of the data transfer is restricted to the required minimum.
4. In addition, peternitz.com uses cookies that are put into use beyond the session (“trans-session cookies”). These cookies are meant to make our offer user-friendlier, more effective, and even more targeted. These data files make it possible, for instance, for you to view information on our site that you are specifically interested in. The only purpose is to adapt our offer to the wishes of our customers and to make surfing as comfortable as possible.

§ 12 Choice of Law, Effectiveness
1. Swiss law shall apply with the exception of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
2. In case that one or more provisions are invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.
3. Fully or partially effect-less rules are to be substituted by such which are similar to those, which became effect-less.

§ 13 Legal Venue
The exclusive venue (with exclusion of any other venue) being the ordinary courts of Zurich Kreis 1 (Subject to remedies to the Federal Court); We reserve the right to proceed against the counterparty in any other venue convenient.

Zurich, December 2018

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