Peter Nitz Leather School: Master the Art of Leather Craft

Peter began his leather school with one goal in mind: to ensure the art of fine leather crafting was passed onto eager artisans.


His love of leather crafting is not his alone, and he takes great pride in sharing his exceptional trade techniques and methods with those who want to experience creative fulfilment with this unique art form. 


Students of Peter Nitz’s Leatherworking school gain exclusive access to every one of Peter’s tutorials, achieving the full artisan leatherworking experience with a broad range of exciting projects to complete. Students wishing to access the tutorials can pay the full annual membership fee upfront at CHF 299.-  to save 30%, or they can pay the annual fee in monthly instalments of CHF 34.99.


A place to share his experience, talent and artistry with students, Peter Nitz's leather school is the exclusive online community for individuals seeking the highest form of expert instruction.