Tulip Saddlers Needles size #4 pack of 20


Tulip saddlers needles, size #4 sold in a 20 pack. 

Stronger and more resistant to bending than all the other brands on the market. They have a rounder, smoother tip making it easier to stitch as the tip won't stick into the leather which helps it to slip into the hole easier. This also helps prevent making wrong holes in your leather when stitching.

Yes, the price is signifcantly more than other saddler needles but these are the Rolls Royce of leathercraft needles and last much longer than others brands. They are not a neccessity but definitely a luxury and are so much nicer to stitch with!

These are a Peter Nitz exclusive, available nowhwere else worldwide.

Made in Japan by Tulip, a company specialized in high-end needles.



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