Every Peter Nitz bag is 100% saddle-stitched and made to order. 

To request a bespoke leather bag made by Peter, please send an inquiry.

The Teather Pouch

The ultimate customizable pouch. It can be made to measure as a casual pouch for organizing your everyday accessories, a chic clutch for the evening, a protective laptop sleeve for work or any other purpose you desire.

The Newey Duffel

With its double-zip closure and distinct puller, the Newey Duffel is both unique and versatile. This is re-invented leather luxury for the everyday duffel bag.

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The Hackney Briefcase

A perennial classic that you can keep traditional for classic elegance or make customized for an individual statement. From work to sophisticated affairs, this immaculately constructed attaché will showcase your polished taste.

Leather School with Peter Nitz: Learn the Art of Leathercraft 

Leathercraft is an art form driven by a passion for exquisite goods. Guided by master craftsman Peter Nitz, each tutorial covers the detailed workmanship and techniques required to make truly exceptional leather goods.

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Learn expert leatherworking techniques and create luxury leather goods of your own. Peter Nitz takes you on an inspired journey in his online leather school.


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